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Ukraine Gold FAQs

We set out below some of the questions we feel you may want answered before buying this great
ale, and supporting the cause. If you have any other questions for the production team at Evan-
Evans brewery, please email them to

Why is a Welsh Brewer brewing beer for a Ukrainian Brewer?

We responded to the plea for Help from Pravda Brewery in Lviv Ukraine. They had stopped brewing beer to start making Molotov Cocktails, and they asked the International Brewing community to help them raise money to help buy food, water and clothing.

You can learn the full story by reading our latest blog post.

Who are Pravda Brewery?

Pravada Brewery’s mission is to provide people with the opportunity to drink true beer and believe that Lviv deserves its own unique style of beer, properly recognized in the world. “Pravda” has been created to make the world’s diversity of beer available in Ukraine, too.

Find out more by visiting:

Who are Evan Evans Brewery?

Since 1767, seven generations of the Buckley family have tirelessly brewed beer in Wales. It’s a unique heritage that firmly underpins Evan Evans’ passion and expertise. At our home, Evan Evans Brewery, based in the picturesque market town of Llandeilo in the shadow of the Black Mountains, we brew both traditional and contemporary styled beers, as well as gluten-free and vegan-friendly choices.

You can see our full range of beers and ciders by visiting:

Why Ukraine Gold?

We wanted to create a delicious new beer, that was easy drinking and would have broad appeal. A beer that could be drunk on its own with food or simply shared with a friend. This beer is a golden beer with a difference.

How much money will the Pravda brewery receive for each case of beer sold?

Our aim to be able to donate £5.00 per case to the Pravda fund. We will brew the beer in batches, and release the beer on specific dates. This will allow the brewery to maintain stocks, and deliver the beer as it is bottled. When you place your order you will be notified of the date of dispatch. It should be within 10 days of your order being received.

Where and when Can I get Ukraine Gold?

At this stage the beer will only be available from the Evan-Evans Brewery site, and brewery shop.

How often will Evan Evans Group send money to Pravda?

The money will be ring fenced and sent very week, the amounts contributed will be updated on the brewery web site.

Why should we help?

If you have been moved by the appalling human suffering in Ukraine here is an opportunity to do something to help whilst at the same time enjoying a great bottle of beer.