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Founded on knowledge, passion and craft

As locations go, we’re incredibly lucky. Based here in Llandeilo in West Wales, we can open the brewery doors wide and look out over the breathtaking Black Mountains. We’re as passionate about the surroundings we brew in as we are about the brewery itself. Whilst our 250-year history of brewing is at our core, we believe strongly in innovation. Evan Evans is a modern, state-of-the-art brewing plant, capable of producing around 3 million pints every year using the finest raw materials and the attention to detail that makes us who we are.

Evan Evans Brewery Llandeilo
Evan Evans Brewery West Wales
Evan Evans Brewery Llandeilo

Specialising in traditional and contemporary gluten-free and vegan-friendly ales, we have a portfolio of five prestigious brands. Each is unique and each caters for the differences in styles and flavour that beer drinkers love. Firmly embracing our roots, we have a thriving presence in South and West Wales, but our beers are enjoyed all over the UK, as well as overseas. Each year, we export around half a million bottles of beer to the continent – including Sweden, France and Italy – and we’ll soon be quenching the thirst of beer drinkers in the Far East.

What makes our beer so popular?

Knowlege, passion and craft. Without these, we’d be just another brewery making just another beer.

Only the best hops

We know that it takes quality ingredients to set a beer aside from all the others. Knowing the provenance of our ingredients is key to that. Many of our hops are grown in fields not far from us in Herefordshire as well as the hop farms of Kent. To give our beers the unique flavours and aromas that make them stand out from the crowd, we also source a range of varieties of hop from northern Europe and as far afield as New Zealand and America.

With the finest malts

Our malt is sourced from well-established malting companies in the UK, including Muntons, one of the UK’s leading maltsters and a fantastic source of unique and specialist malts from Europe. Creating truly special beer requires time and dedication and we devote long hours to working with maltsters and hop merchants to get it just right.

Go into our recipes

Many of the recipes we use today come from the Buckley family recipe book – a fine brewing tradition handed down over many generations. It’s an incredible resource and a firm nod to the value that our heritage brings to modern brewing. We’ve tweaked and rewritten the recipes to suit modern tastes and we continue to create new recipes to be handed down to inspire future generations of Buckley brewers.

With hands-on care

Ingredients and top-notch facilities don’t make great beer all by themselves. Our dedicated team plays a huge role in making Evan Evans exceptional. We employ 17 people in the brewery and a further 30 in our growing pub estate. What’s more, we have a policy of trying to recruit locally, running an apprenticeship scheme for brewers, bottling technicians and salespeople. And with local people comes an unbeatable passion for Welsh beer!

Since 1767, seven generations of the Buckley family have tirelessly brewed beer in Wales. It’s a unique heritage that firmly underpins Evan Evans’ passion and expertise.