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Redhog Light Medium Dry Cider

Redhog Light Wild Cider

Low Alcohol Medium Dry

ABV 2.25%

The lighter alternative

For a lower alcohol alternative that doesn’t sacrifice any of the delicious Redhog flavours, Redhog Light Medium Dry Cider is the perfect choice. Crafted by adding non-fermented apple juice to reduce the ABV, you’ll enjoy the same refreshing crispness and satisfying depth as the higher alcohol version. Ideal for when you want to enjoy a lighter cider that still excites your taste buds.

Brewed for

  • 500ml single bottle
  • Bottle case either 8 or 12 x 500ml
  • Available all year

Place an order

Please contact the Evan Evans sales team on 01558 82 44 55 or email


Buy bottled cider online

You can buy Redhog bottled cider via our online Brewery Shop, as well as our other beer brands and cider.

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